The Barn is a group of builders in the community who look for ways to ​connect, grow, and support the community.

Our focus is on the Waterloo Region, the students (across all schools), alumni, ​and the people who have made the community a place where global tech ​leaders have a connection.

We are a founder-focused organization offering different ways for people to ​connect, learn, and grow.

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Projects we are currently working on

  • Founder Dinner Club - not an accelerator, it’s better.
  • Monday Club - weekly demo session for early products and ideas. Sign up ​here.
  • Builders Club - for ambitious people working on what they want to do ​next. Apply here.
  • Builders on a boat - experience sharing with a small group on Georgian ​Bay.
  • Workshops - offering online courses and in-person workshops to builders, ​founders, and people interested in how to get started.

Who is leading this?

Operated by Caroline and Jesse, Startupbarn builds on 20 years of ​experience supporting early-stage founders and ecosystems.