Startupbarn is building a strong startup ecosystem by connecting ​people through community tools.

Our focus is on Waterloo, its students, alumni, and the people who ​have made the community a place where a very high number of ​global tech leaders have a connection.

We are a founder-focused organization that was born out of the ​Eigenspace program.

What we offer

Programming and ​community for students

Professional education and ​coaching for founders

For students, we offer free community support ​and a workshop series to help you develop a ​deep understanding of how to build your ​company.

Built on experience working with 1000s of early ​stage companies, we have a series of online ​and in-person workshops, coaching, and hybrid ​options for people starting companies.

Programming for students


In collaboration with ​Communitech, we are offering a ​place for early-stage founders ​to work and be part of the ​Communitech community.


With so much information out ​there, figuring out what are the ​most important things and how ​to get started is hard. This 8-​week workshop will help.

About us

Operated by Caroline and Jesse, Startupbarn builds on 20 years of experience ​supporting early-stage founders and ecosystems.

Our student program is free to Waterloo students. That is part of a long-term ​investment in the community that we have been making for nearly two decades.

Current projects:

Waterloo Alumni Day

Eigenspace program for students

Barnspace at Communitech

151 Charles St, Kitchener, ON